Aqua Spikes®

The Most Useful Watering Tool You've Ever Seen!

AquaSpikes® providing deep watering method directly to the roots of your plants, with this handy device. Economical and easy, just use your old two-liter plastic bottles for indoor and outdoor watering. Great for indoor gardening or container gardening and potted plants. Load up this season and enjoy healthier plants, a lower water bill, and a little extra leisure time away from the hose or watering can!

And for plants that don't like getting their leaves wet, such as Phlox, Zinnia, Roses, and other varieties, the solution is AquaSpikes! AquaSpikes can entirely replace surface watering! Growing roses, phlox or zinnia has never been easier.

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  • AquaSpikes are incredibly easy to use. You just slide them onto the top of old two-liter plastic bottles, cut the bottom off the bottle, and then sink them into the soil. Fill the bottle with water and liquid feed, and your watering is done for the next few days or even longer. When used with AquaRocks, one application can keep your soil moist for weeks!

    Easy No-spill Watering
    Great for Container Gardening and Indoor Gardening
    Time-Release Fertilizer
    Waters the roots, not the weeds
    Keeps leaves dry, preventing blight
    Use Indoors and Outdoors Use Outdoors to Collect Rain Water
    Easy Vacation Watering when used with AquaRocks


    AquaSpikes are also ideal for unattended watering. Going on vacation? Have a hard to reach planter? Use AquaSpikes with AquaRocks for hassle-free watering for up to 2 weeks!

    For extended watering periods, add AquaRocks for a slow watering system.

  • AquaSpikes are a great, handy, watering device. Only a little bit of effort is needed in the beginning to make sure that you set them up properly. Once they are set up, they can last for years with very little work. Your plants will fluorish with this seemingly endless supply of water.

    Small Containers Use a single AquaSpike in containers up to 5" in diameter.
    Large Containers For containers larger than that, use 2 AquaSpikes, placed opposite each other, near the roots.

    For extended watering periods, double the number of AquaSpikes used. Using AquaRocks will yield the best results, and will be the easiest to set up. By using AquaRocks, you will turn the AquaSpikes into a slow-watering system.

    Standard Instructions

    1. Empty and rinse a 2 liter bottle.
    2. Remove the cap and safety ring.
    Removing the safety ring is important: There are no threads on the AquaSpike. The bottle and the AquaSpike will make a very nice tight compression fitting, once the safety ring is removed.
    3. Fill the bottle with water. If you are not adding Aquarocks, skip to step 6.
    4. Add 1/2 teaspoon of AquaRocks to the bottle.
    5. Wait 5 minutes. The AquaRocks will turn into gel and will rise up about 3-5 inches into the bottle.
    6. Attach the AquaSpike to the bottle.
    7. Bring the AquaSpike and bottle to the location where it is to be inserted.
    8. Quickly turn the bottle over, and slide the AquaSpikes into the ground, up to the collar of the AquaSpike.
    It is normal to have a small amount of water may spill from the AquaSpike as you turn it over. The AquaRocks will start to float down to the bottom, and into the AquaSpike. As they do, the water will flow out of the AquaSpike, into the soil. As the AquaRocks settle, the flow rate will slow down. The AquaRocks should now be filled into the AquaSpike, and rise up about 2 inches into the bottle.
    9. A configuration of AquaRocks with a 2 liter bottle will last about 10-14 days.

    The bottle will start to collapse on itself over the next few days. That is normal.


    For Maximum Results:
    * Thoroughly water the soil BEFORE putting the AquaSpike into the soil.
    * Add AquaRocks to the soil, also. Just make holes in the soil, using a pencil or screwdriver, and sprinkle a few pinches of AquaRocks into the hole. Repeat this in 4-6 spots around each plant.


    Alternate Instructions For Permanent Installations

    If you want to keep the AquaSpikes in place, then a few additional steps will make refilling the bottles very simple.

    1. Cut the bottom of the bottle off.
    2. Follow the Standard Instructions above.
    3. Place the bottom of the bottle into the main portion of the bottle to reduce evaporation.
    4. When it is time to add water just remove the bottom cut-off and fill with water.

  • What are AquaSpikes?

    AquaSpikes are handy, easy-to-use devices that turn ordinary empty soda bottles into plant watering devices. You just fill the bottle with water, screw the AquaSpike onto the top of the soda bottles, and then sink them into the soil. Fill the bottle with water and liquid feed, and your watering is done for the next few days or even longer. When used with AquaRocks, one application can keep your soil moist for weeks!

    How does the Vacation Watering System work?

    Our Vacation Watering package contains AquaRocks and AquaSpikes. AquaRocks are a water absorbing crystal that helps hold moisture in the soil. AquaSpikes are a watering tool that attaches to empty soda bottles to water the roots directly. AquaRocks should be added to the soil of your plants and when the AquaRocks are added to the soda bottle, then can slow the drip rate so the water drips out over a longer period of time.

    Can I overwater my plants with AquaSpikes?

    AquaSpikes wont over water your plants, either. They release water slowly, as the soil dries and needs it. And talk about a built-in weed control, because you are watering your plants roots directly, it helps prevent weed growth beside your favorite plants! You will save lots of water as well, because you wont lose a drop to evaporation or runoff!

    Can I use AquaSpikes with AquaRocks?

    YES! In fact, we encourage using both products together. Using AquaRocks with AquaSpikes will minimize the need for watering even more than either product alone. Simply keep an eye on your 2 liter bottle of water. When it is empty, refill it. Together they are a great combination for easier plant care.

    Will AquaSpikes work alone as a vacation watering systems?

    No, Only when you use AquaSpikes AND AquaRocks will you have an effective Vacation Watering tool. Using BOTH AquaRocks and AquaSpikes will allow you to keeps plants watered for 1-2 Weeks.

    Can I use AquaSpikes anywhere and with all plants?

    YES! AquaSpikes are great for use with plants that do not like getting their leaves wet, such as Phlox, Zinnia, Roses, African violets and other varieties. You can use AquaSpikes for indoor gardening, container gardening, flower gardening, and vegetable gardening. For indoor gardening and container gardening, AquaSpikes can be an easier way to water with spilling.

    Can I use AquaSpikes for outdoor gardening?

    YES! AquaSpikes are great for outdoor gardening, vegetable gardening, or flower gardening. You simply cut the bottom off the 2-liter bottle and capture rain water. Its also very easy to simply drop your hose into the open end of the 2-liter bottle. You only water your plant, not pesky weeds. Its better plant care.

    How often should I water my plants when using AquaSpikes?

    That will depend on how you are using the AquaSpikes in your plant care program. If you are just using the AquaSpikes alone for deep root watering, it may only take a 1 hour or so to fully deep root water the plant. If you add AquaRocks®, sand or even stuff a few wet paper towels into the AquaSpikes, it will take 1-5 days for the water to slowly seep into your plant.

    Can I use AquaSpikes with fertilizer or soil amendments?

    YES! AquaSpikes are a terrific way to easily add liquid fertilizers and soil amendments. To help improve your plant care, try adding a little Algoplus AND SoilSyrup to the 2-liter bottle every time you water. You will really see the difference in all your flower gardening, vegetable gardening, indoor gardening and container gardening.

    Why does the bottle collapse?

    The suction created by the water being pulled out of the bottle can cause the bottle to collapse. That's okay; it tells you that the soil is actually drawing watering out of the bottle as it needs it.

    The water does not seem to be draining out of the AquaSpikes, what should I do?

    It may be that you have added too many AquaRocks to the bottle. You should try and remove some of the AquaRocks. When you turn the bottle upside down again, it should provide a slow, steady drip if you have the right ratio of AquaRocks to water. If you lift up the AquaSpike and bottle and there is a little drip on the tip, your plants will be just fine and getting the water they need.


    See our FAQs page for more answers to popular questions or use our contact form if you need assistance.