WeedGuardPlus®... the natural choice.

WeedGuardPlus® is a organic weed-controlling vegetable and garden mulch made from 100% biodegradable paper that decomposes at the end of the season. It offers growers a high-quality, cost effective replacement for seasonal mulches.

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  • 100% Biodegradable Seasonal Paper Mulch and Weed Barrier

  • WeedGaurdPlus Natural Paper Mulch

    WeedGuardPlus® is made from all-natural, earth-friendly cellulose fibers. Ideal for many crop varieties, it is an eco-effective mulch that suppresses weeds, promotes early and stronger growth and naturally decomposes as the season progresses.

    • Made from 100% biodegradable paper that decomposes at end of season
    • Can be worked into the soil, eliminating the need for retrieval and disposal
    • Utilizes eco-effective, renewable resources

    WeedguardPlus® unique formulation is designed for complete weed suppression, optimum plant growth, ease of use for all sizes of commercial operation, and environmental responsibility.

    Helps Support

    Root Growth
    Stem Growth
    Leaf Vitality
    Blooms & Fruit

    Great for use in...

    Flower & Vegetable Gardens
    Seasonal Landscaping
    Potted Flowers & Plants

  • How Does WeedGuardPlus® Work?

    That's simple! No light = no weeds. No weeds = Maximum nutrient availability!

    • 100% opaque: no light gets through so weeds can't grow
    • Porous, allowing water, air and nutrients to pass through
    • Durable enough to withstand heavy rainstorms
    • Helps reduce erosion and moderate soil temperatures
    • Gives plants an earlier and healthier start

  • WeedgaurdPlus 100% Biodegradable Mulch