Garden Drip Irrigation Kits


Drip Depot Irrigation Kits are the leading brand of garden drip irrigation kits in America. We have been designing and building our drip irrigation kits in the USA for years using only the highest quality components. In fact, many of the components of our kits are actually agricultural quality, meaning they are designed and manufactured for the harsh conditions found in commercial agricultural use. We design our kits with these components because we know they will last for many years without failure.

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We offer three Drip Depot Certified easy to assemble kits.

Easy setup!
Low maintenance!
Industry standard!


  • What is Drip Irrigation?

    Drip Irrigation is an incredibly efficient watering method that slowly delivers water directly to the plants roots system. This eliminates water loss due to evaporation.
    Overhead watering methods, such as sprinkles, spray water onto the leaves, stems and soil around your plants wasting a lot of water and encouraging weeds growth around your plants. Drip irrigation supplies water only to the plants you choose, not to the weeds! This method yields healthier plants and in return, an increase yields. Drip irrigation reduces water consumption 30-50% compared to overhead watering methods.

    Save Water
    Save Time
    Save Money
    Less Weeds
    Increased Crop Yields

    Drip Depot drip irrigation kits are completely modular in design. Even though these kits are completely self contained and will work perfectly right out of the box, there is nothing stopping you from adding additional compatible irrigation parts to this kit. Mix and match parts to achieve exactly what you want out of your new drip irrigation system. These kits includes everything you need to hook up to any standard water faucet or garden hose connection. Only hand tightening is required for all of the threaded irrigation parts. Drip Depot Irrigation Kits are:

    Easy setup
    Low maintenance
    Industry standard
    Lifetime Guarantee

    When shopping for your new drip irrigation kit please look for the "Drip Depot Certified" label to ensure you are getting the highest quality items. If it doesn't say "Drip Depot Certified" then it's not.

    We offer three Drip Depot Certified easy to assemble kits.

    Vegetable Garden Drip Irrigation

    Water up to 140 plants, not only saving you time, money, and better yields vs. crops watered via convential methods!

    Landscape Drip Irrigation

    Landscapes are often a melting pot of plant types which results in various watering needs. Our landscape kits are Specially designed as an incredibly simple and versatile way to irrigate landscapes up to 433 sq. ft.! Included are a variety of high quality button drippers, spray jets and micro-sprinklers to cover all your landscape watering needs!

    Container Garden Drip Irrigation

    Our Container Gardening drip kit from Drip Depot is an incredibly simple and versatile way to meet the watering needs for up to 10 containers! Help keep your potted plants healthy while at the same to saving you time and money!

  • Drip irrigation watering systems have many benefits such as being ecologically sound, cost effective and drip irrigation is much better for the success and good health of your plants. Listed below are even more benefits.

    Water Efficiency: When your plants need water, a drip irrigation system will provide that water with much less runoff or evaporation.

    Root Zone: Your plants need water at their roots and a drip irrigation system combined with a timer enables you to provide that water your plants need and target the root systems saving you both water and money.

    Versatility: When you need the most versatile watering system available, you need a drip irrigation system that can adapt to any landscape and even be used for container gardens, vegetable rows and balconies. A drip irrigation system can grow with you as your gardening needs grow and can be used anywhere in your garden.

    Conserves Earth's Resources: It isn't a surprise that as the Earth's population increase, using less water is an absolute necessity. Without a drip irrigation system in place, most of the water you use in your garden will evaporate due to the summer heat or be exposed to runoff and not reach your plants' root systems. Drip irrigation uses less water and promotes lush plant growth offering our planet a beautiful and more abundant future.

    Savings: Drip irrigation Saves water. With a properly installed drip irrigation system, you could see up to a 50% reduction in annual water usage for your garden.

    Reduction of Pests & Weeds: Water that sits on top of the surface of your garden causes an increase in pest, weeds and fungal growth. A drip irrigation system directs the water at the root systems of your plants and effectively reduces pests, weeds and the harmful fungal growth.

    Ease of Installation: Installing a drip irrigation system is easier than ever; our kits require no cutting of water supply lines and they route easily wherever your garden is. Our kits can be installed with a simple pair of scissors and nothing more and what's better, our kits are not only easy to install, very inexpensive and will save you money on future water usage.

    A properly installed drip irrigation kit will save you money, help the environment and provide your plants with the nourishing water they need, where they need it most, their root systems. Drip irrigation systems can be used anywhere plants grow and will take less time to install that you would imagine and a drip irrigation system from the Drip Depot is a good place to start; we can provide you with the right kit for your needs.

  • As drip irrigation systems become more user-friendly, more individuals are successfully designing and installing systems themselves and saving the expense of hiring irrigation professionals to accomplish these tasks. Most systems, in fact, can be installed quickly with no tools necessary other than a standard household pair of scissors.But before you begin assembling your new drip irrigation kit, you should have a general idea of the type of layout you want to achieve. Here are some design tips that you may find helpful.

    Mainline Layout

    Decide on the best path to lay out your mainline tubing. Try to get your mainline tubing as close as possible to the plants or containers to be watered. A zig-zag or "S" shaped layout can sometimes be helpful.

    Emitter Spacing

    Many variables such as soil type and watering schedule will affect the recommended spacing for drip emitters. In general, a 12" spacing between emitters works well. Spray jets and sprinklers should overlap for even coverage. Adjust spacing to suite your particular environmental requirements.

    Plant Requirements

    The process of ensuring that all plants have the correct amount of water is called "balancing" the system. If you have plants with drastically different water requirements such as hanging baskets versus large trees, you'll find that balancing your system will be challenging. In a situation like this you have 3 options.

    1. Split the system into two or more zones.
    2. Add or remove emitters. You can always use more or less emitters or sprayers on each type of plant. This approach will allow you to apply more/less water to individual plants during a watering cycle.
    3. Add valves. You can add manually operated valves to either 1/2" tubing or 1/4" tubing. Adding valves will allow you to turn on/off certain sections of the system. This solution requires manual intervention and therefore eliminates the possibility of fully automating the system.

    Your kit is designed to be connected to any standard garden hose spigot or end of a garden hose. Please keep in mind that 3/4" threads found on PVC pipe may look similar to garden hose threads however, they are completely different. If you mix PVC threads with garden hose threads, your system will leak, guaranteed.

    SPECIAL NOTE: These instructions may reference optional parts or procedures that are not included in your kit. Simply ignore these items.

    Assembly of your kit can be broken down into two basic sections:

    Head Assembly Assemble the parts necessary to attach the tubing to the spigot or hose end. Sometimes referred to as "starting" the system.

    Tubing and emitters: Layout the tubing and attach the drip emitters, spray jets or sprinklers.

    Head Assembly

    The head assembly parts are assembled in the following order.

    Backflow Preventer


    Pressure Reducer

    Female Hose Thread Adapter


    Once you have your head assembly complete you can start to lay out your tubing. Remember, drip irrigation system can be configured differently based on the requirements of each installation. There is no single "Right" way to do it, only various "ways" of doing it. The following directions will give you a general starting point that you can use and modify to suite your particular needs.

    Connect one end of the 1/4" tubing to the female hose thread adapter.

    Lay the tubing out in the desired location as close as possible to the plants to be watered. Bend the tubing around plants and obstacles as needed.

    Cut off any excess tubing that is not needed.

    Flush the line. Let some water run through the tubing to remove any debris that may have entered the line during shipment.

    Close the 1/4" mainline with a goof plug. Now you have a closed system.

    Starting at the first plant...

    Cut the tubing and insert a 1/4" barbed tee fitting.

    Cut a short length of tubing to reach up into the container. (leave a little slack)

    Attach the short tubing to the center barb of the 1/4" barbed tee.

    Insert the barbed end of a drip emitter into the other end of the short tubing.

    Use a stabilizer stake to hold the tubing in place.

    Repeat as necessary.