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Irrigation solution Products

Water control is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you get a good healthy crop with high yields. Not only does the plants and soil need plenty of water, the plant food from the soil and fertilizers you add are only available when dissolved in water. Without adequate quality water availability, your plants will go hungry and thirsty. Not only that, the use of our irrigation supplies such as drip irrigation kits and lawn honey, will dramatically save on water consumption.

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Cut Flower Food
Cut Flower

Extend the life of your cut flowers!

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Hose End Sprayer
Multi-Use Hose End

use with any of our Liquid Fertilizers!

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AquaRocks® Super-Absorbent Granules
Water Regulator

Reduce Watering up to 50%!

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for Deep Root Watering

Easy Moisture Management

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Humus Soil Conditioner
Drip Irrigation
Garden & Lawn Kits

Low maintenance watering solution!

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Automatic Fertilizing

Low maintenance fertilizing solution!

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Soil Moist™
Organic Blend Crystals

Variety of styles and colors available!

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