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October Lawn and Garden Tips

After summer's heavy workload, autumn brings in a nice break. With the sun low in the sky the moisture doesn't transpire as quickly from leaves or the ground, so the less you will have to water and fertilize... but when you do water, it lasts much longer!

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Autumn Gardens - Fall Planting Guide

Autumn gardens are cool weather crops that can be planted twice a year in spring and again in the fall. Most cool season crops can tolerate frost and light freezes of short duration with little damage and some can even tolerate hard freezes.

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Buzz Buzz We're Busy as a bee!

We are buzzing around the garden this May as our gardens show the first sign of blossoms. The garden is tilled, soil is prepped and plants are in the ground. Our gardens are in full swing and most are showing their first blossoms!

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Nature is brilliantly creative and diverse so our gardens should be too! The biological approach makes use of the same mutually benefiting relationships that nature uses for survival and sustainability. By using a combination of good soil management, repelling pest and attracting good predators you can easily obtain biological gardening. And it's not as hard as you would imagine!

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Oh spring... the weather is warming but it's still a complete guessing game this time of year. A surprise freeze, unpredictable rain, you just never really know. By now, everyone should have their seeds started and trees and shrubs pruned. Go ahead, get started in the garden, but keep the row covers handy just in case!

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Growing plants with kids is a fun way to learn about where their food comes from and stimulate even a baby's senses. Planting fast growing plants from seed like flowers, strawberries and carrots or even using vegetables that re-grow themselves such as romaine lettuce, garlic, and celery are great choices. Read more to find our top kid choices... Continue Reading →