All Natural Animal repellents

Deer - Squirrel - Small Animal - Goose

Why put up with the stench of the leading brand when you can get better protection, that lasts longer and has a pleasant scent? Algoplus carries I Must Garden products, a leading brand in animal repellents. I Must Garden natural animal repellents deter animals from your garden and lawn.

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Environmentally Responsible Organic Protection!

  • iMustGarden repellents are completely biodegradable and fortified with an advanced botanical blend of plant oils, providing the strongest and most effective repeling qualities. It is specially formulated and tested to be long lasting and be used in any weather. The ingredients will not harm people, pets or even the animals its repeling, but it will keep animals away from your garden. You can use it with confidence and feel safe knowing it will not harm your children or pets. It does not have a foul or offensive odor like so many other repellents on the market, so it will never deter you from gardening.

    • Easy to use
    • Effective all year round
    • Safe to use around your family, pets and the environment
    • Pleasant scent

    We carry four iMustGarden repellents: Small Animal, Deer, Goose, and Squirrel. Find out for yourself why thousands of gardeners throughout the country have made the switch to iMustGarden!

    Small Animal repellent

    2.5 lbs Shaker Top - Ready to Use

    Our granular animal repellent works so you can safely and effectively repel deer, rabbits and other herbivores from your garden. All natural, biodegradable and guaranteed to work to repel deer and rabbits. The ingredients will not harm any animals, but keeps them away from your garden.

    Our repellent is enhanced with botanical oils and pepper providing the strongest and most effective repellent available. Furthermore, it does not have a foul or offensive odor.

    • No mixing or spraying needed. Granular - just sprinkle
    • Repels by an odor that stimulates a strong fear-based response with both deer and rabbits, yet there is no unpleasant odor to humans
    • Rain resistant and can be used throughout all seasons, even in snow
    • Organic nutrients provide and promote enhanced plant growth

    Perfect for low growing or newly emerging plants. Use in gardens and all around your yard. Protect large areas from being eaten by these hungry animals.

    Deer repellent

    32 oz Trigger Spray Bottle - Ready to Use

    The all natural ingredients used in I Must Garden Deer repellent stop the deer from eating your plants all year long. Made with botanical oils and food grade ingredients. There are no poisons, harmful chemicals or toxic glues in our products.

    Control deer in your yard with the best smelling guaranteed deer repellent on the market! People are always telling us how much they hated to spray their old deer repellents because of the stench, until they tried I Must Garden Deer repellents. No more taking a shower after spraying, no more getting sick while spraying, just proven results! Our fragrant Spice Scent formula is extremely popular because it smells great and it works! Some people say it smells like potporri. Not only do the essential oils make it smell fragrant to us the botanicals we use are from plants deer avoid or unfamiliar with. Odorless when it dries its effectiveness lasts for weeks.

    • Safe for your plants and family - Environmentally safe and biodegradable.
    • Proven effective at repeling deer
    • Easy-to-use - Just spray and your problems go away
    • Long lasting and rain resistant
    • Family and pet friendly
    • Guaranteed - 100% Money-back Guarantee

    Repels by Smell and Taste - Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    Squirrel repellent

    32 oz Trigger Spray Bottle - Ready to Use

    I Must Garden Squirrel repellent is available in a 32oz Ready to Use Spray that is easy to apply to all surfaces. Designed to keep squirrels from chewing on plants, furniture, garden irrigation, your house and everything else they make such a nuisance of themselves with.

    Safe, all natural squirrel repellent that is environmentally friendly and won't hurt any animals. Made of a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients and botanical oils. High quality trigger sprayer may be rotated to regulate spray pattern. Works without harming any animals.

    Goose repellent

    32 oz Concentrate

    Tired of cleaning up goose poop? Get rid of the geese now. Unsightly, unhealthy bird droppings can ruin the outdoor experience for everyone. Damaging grass and other vegetation, it's no wonder you want to get rid of them. With over 6 million Canadian Geese, you know that this problem isn't going away on its own. We offer a natural goose repellent that is all natural and non toxic for the geese themselves.

    Geese can't stand the feel or taste where I Must Garden Goose repellent is sprayed. By applying our goose repellent to food areas you make that area undesirable to geese, turkeys and ducks! This eliminates the food source causing them to look elsewhere for a feeding area. With no food and smells that they do not like the whole area becomes less inviting.

    Concentrate formula for larger areas. Environmentally safe, using only natural ingredients, our Goose repellent discourages geese from feeding, nesting and fouling in and around treated areas. Will not harm vegetation. Works on Turkeys and Ducks too.

  • I Must Garden All Natural repellents work so well because it contains many different substances that animals naturally do not like. We use many botanical oils and other natural products and rigorously tested all of the ingredients to create the most effective spray and granular repellents. The individual ingredients have repeling properties, but it is the unique combination of ingredients and our proprietary blending procedures, that results in a strong and yet harmless formula.

    For example, our Squirrel formula is primarily for use on plants and inorganic objects that squirrels often damage, and it will stick to an extensive variety of surfaces. Our repellent irritates squirrels' nasal passages, which annoys them and discourages them from hanging around the treated areas. It also makes your plants and yard furniture taste unpleasant to them if they attempt to snack or gnaw on it.

    Our repellents are fully guaranteed to work without having an unpleasant stench like other repellents. Because we use only all natural ingredients, it is not harmful for the environment and is a safe alternative to use around your pets and family!

  • Small Animal repellents
    2.5 lbs Shaker Top - Ready to Use

    Generously sprinkle around flowers, plants, shrubs and trees to keep animals from browsing. Reapply as needed.

    Apply a 16" wide strip of repellent around area to be protected. Interior strips should also be applied every 5' on beds larger than 8' x 10'. Larger herbivores (deer, elk, moose) may require heavier application rates than smaller herbivores (rabbits, hares, groundhogs, opossums). Reapply as needed.

    Use in conjunction with our spray repellents (Deer, Rabbit or Groundhog repellent) to extend and increase protection.

    Deer repellents
    Ready to use trigger spray bottle.
    Covers up to 1,000 Sq Ft

    If this is your first time using I Must Garden Deer repellent then we suggest to spray the plants and flowers you want to protect thoroughly. Our repellents work by taste and smell so the most effective protection is spraying directly on the plant. A good first spray will do wonders for your garden and yard.

    After the first application, maintenance is required for new growth and continued protection. A quick spray of all the new growth in your yard is as simple as walking through and spraying the new growth. We call this touching up, and its vital. Keep an eye on your plants as they are growing, they are your best indicators on when to spray.

    Typically once or twice a month of touch up is necessary but there are certain plants that will require more attention. Plants that grow very fast need to be sprayed more often. Daylilies can be grown if protected with the correct spray schedule. The best advice is to monitor your susceptible plants more frequently.

    Spice scent is pleasant to you but the deer hate it, keeps deer off your plants and trees for weeks.

    Squirrel repellents
    2.5 lbs Shaker Top - Ready to Use

    To repel squirrels from uprooting plants, spray your newly planted flowers with I Must Garden Squirrel repellent. When you prepare nice fluffy soil in a planter or pot, a squirrel is simply looking for some tasty treasure that he thinks is buried there. In his search, he'll dig up your nice young plants and cast them aside to wither and die. Spray your plants and pots before the squirrels discover them and save yourself time and frustration! Keep in mind, that it's always easier to prevent an animal's bad habit, than to break it.

    Spray plants in flower beds on mulch to prevent squirrels from uprooting plants.

    Spray the bark of trees to repel squirrels and keep them from chewing on bark and tender branches.

    Thoroughly spray bulbs, let dry and then plant. Once planted, spray soil surface.

    Generously spray hoses, outdoor furniture, pots, garbage cans, irrigation lines, etc to prevent destructive damage caused by squirrels.

    Goose repellents
    Covers up to 5,000 Sq Feet

    Shake well before using. Mix one part repellent to nine parts water. Add to spray bottle and apply directly on dry surfaces visited and/or inhabited by geese. Avoid irrigation to prolong effectiveness. Best applied at the very first sign of geese before feeding habits are established. May be applied year round as long as temperature is above freezing. Reapply every 2-3 weeks if necessary to maintain desired control depending on climate, turf growth, mowing schedule and animal population.

    Simple to use, just spray areas with our goose repellent that are frequented by geese, turkeys and or ducks. Spray areas like lawns, fields, pond/lake edges, golf courses, even sidewalks. Apply at the very first sign of problems before feeding habits are established.

    Grass should be cut prior to application. It's not necessary to blow or rake clipping from grass. Apply to dry grass and avoid irrigation to prolong effectiveness. It is best to avoid applying repellent during heat of the day.

    May be applied year round as long as temperature is above freezing.

    Reapply every 3-4 weeks, or, as necessary, to maintain control.

  • Will I Must Garden repellent keep the deer/rabbits off my property?

    I Must Garden repellents are designed to make your plants smell and taste bad to deer and rabbits. Regular spraying with I Must Garden repellents will make your property less inviting and when the deer learn that there's nothing tasty, they'll look for alternate paths. The rabbits will soon find other things to eat, not your beautiful protected flowers. Other than an eight foot high fence, we know of nothing that will keep the deer completely OFF your property.

    What's the best time to apply the repellent?

    The best time to spray is in the morning and later in the afternoon or evening. Spraying in the heat of the day and in direct sunlight exposes plants to the possibility of burning. Good gardening practice recommends NOT spraying in direct sunlight and NOT spraying during the hottest time of the day.

    Does it matter if the leaf surface of my plants are dry when I spray?

    Yes, plants should be dry when spraying to allow the all natural stickers of I Must Garden Deer repellent to adhere onto the plants. If the plants are wet, either from the morning dew or rainfall, the products will not adhere as well to the plant's surface.

    Can I use I Must Garden Deer repellent to keep rabbits away?

    While many companies will try and convince you that their products work for a wide ranging variety of animals our tests have shown that targeted formulas are much more effective. We've had customers tell us our deer repellent works but they've also reported that our targeted rabbit repellent was much more effective.

    Can I water my plants after I spray with I Must Garden repellent?

    You should let I Must Garden repellents thoroughly dry at least one hour before watering your plants. Likewise, you should spray your plants at least one hour before rainfall.

    We just moved into a house in which the previous owners did nothing to discourage the deer from eating the shrubs. Will I have any success with I Must Garden Deer repellent since the deer are used to eating everything in my yard?

    There's no doubt about it, you have more of a challenge than if the deer never discovered your yard. This situation is addressed by spraying your plants immediately with I Must Garden Deer/Rabbit repellent You may even want to spray areas surrounding your plants with I Must Garden Deer/Rabbit repellent to add an even greater barrier to your new plants.

    You CAN protect your plants, just use I Must Garden repellents and watch your garden grow like never before.

    How often do I need to apply I Must Garden repellents?

    I Must Garden repellents are formulated to stick on your plants and stay there for as long as 100 days. As plants grow, every two inches of new leaf, bud and plant growth must be protected. Since it can be difficult to keep track of individual plant growth, many people just get in the habit of spraying twice a month. Once plants are truly dormant, your spray schedule can relax to up to every 100 days.

    Depending on your situation, if animal pressure is intense, you may want to touch up more often. The best practice is to monitor your plants and adjust your spraying routine accordingly.

    Does I Must Garden repellent wash off?

    Once dry, I Must Garden repellent is long lasting and won't wash off. However, in time, rain, sun and general exposure to the elements will break down the natural oils and stickers and I Must Garden repellent will need to be reapplied. We've tested our products thoroughly and have seen protection last up to 100 days! You can also try spraying the underneath areas of leaves to protect the spray from rain and sun.

    Is there any danger to over spraying with I Must Garden Deer repellent?

    No, I Must Garden Deer repellent will not harm your plants.