Home Vegetable Garden Guide

Approximate Your Vegetable Garden's Needs

Next, approximate the amount of plants taking into consideration your family's appetite and preferences as well as your desire to can or preserve extra. Below is a list of some popular garden vegetables recommendations estimated for a family of 4 and the spacing requirements to estimate your garden size.

Popular Garden Vegetable Recommendations

Plant Quantity to Plant
Asparagus* 32 plants or seeds
Bush Beans 360 seeds
Beets 180 seeds
Broccoli 12 - 15 plants or seeds
Cabbage 12 - 15 plants or seeds
Carrots 240 seeds
Cauliflower 12 - 15 plants
Corn 210 seeds
Cucumbers 6 - 8 plants or seeds
Leaf Lettuce 30 seeds
Green Onions 120 seeds
Peas 960 seeds
Peppers 6 - 10 plants or seeds
Pumpkins 3 plants or seeds
Radishes 120 seeds
Spinach 20 seeds
Squash 3 plants or seeds
Tomatoes 10 - 15 plants or seeds
Turnips 45 seeds

*Asparagus from seed takes two seasons to crop.


organic tip! Naturally attract pest predators by planting a few flowers in your vegetable garden. Edible flowers like violas for salads or chamomile for teas are great choices you can harvest as well! See more on companion planting here.