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Why Use Algoplus?


That's simple! Algoplus fertilizers are Pure, Complete, Balanced, Easily Assimilated and Simple to Use! This is why so many horticulturists have trusted the know how of Algoplus for over 30 years!


Algoplus fertilizers are Pure.

Algoplus is a special formulation of concentrated, very pure nutrients and trace elements. Every batch is tested for harmful chlorides and carbonates to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

This patented formula contains NO Chlorides, NO Carbonates, and NO Sodium.
It's Odorless, Colorless, and Environmentally Safe!

Pure. Complete. Balanced. Easily Assimilated. Simple to Use.

Good soil management along with proper fertilization is essential to good plant health. Any fertilizer, when added to water, must supply all of the useful mineral salts. Fertilizers can have the same apparent NPK formulation, but have a very different nutritive results, depending on the purity and nature of the mineral salts they contain.

Some salts, such as Chlorine, Sodium and Carbonate are undesirable, because they increase the conductivitity of the soil and lead to blocking, or de-hydration of the plant.

Algoplus uses on the purest natural mineral salts available in its manufacture and formulation. This allows the plant to absorb all of the mineral salts in sufficient quantities, without the risk of blocking or root burn. Algoplus enables the grower to work in the best possible condition.



Algoplus fertilizers are Complete.

Algoplus supplies all of the nourishment a plant needs for its development and continued growth.

All plants take the elements needed for their survival from their environment - air, soil, and water. When water, the universal solvent, stimulates the plants root hairs, the plant begins assimilation of the minerals it needs to sustain its growth metabolism.

There are 12 minerals which are indispensable to all plant life. Each mineral plays a distinctive role in the plants life cycle:

Pure. Complete. Balanced. Easily Assimilated. Simple to Use.

Nitrogen: is the essential component for the growth of the stem and leaves.

Phosphorus: stimulates the growth of root systems and initiates the plants flowering and fruit production.

Potassium: aids in photosynthesis, improving the coloring of flowers and increases the plant's resistance to cold, drought and parasites.

Magnesium: is essential for the making of chlorophyll. It helps in the absorption of phosphorus and is indispensable to the plants activities of photosynthesis and energy production.

Calcium: is a component of the cell structure which enables the plant to resist disease. This element is present in both water and soil.

Sulfur: is an important ingredient in the manufacture of proteins and enzymes. Is absolutely essential to plant growth. It is widely present in the air. Rain supplies part of the sulfur need of plants.

Trace Elements are Boron Manganese, Molybdenum, Iron, Copper and Zinc.



Algoplus fertilizers are Balanced.

All the elements are not absorbed in the same proportion, but they are all indispensable. The principle of fertilization is based on two fundamental laws: restoration and interaction.

The plant's consumption of mineral elements must be compensated for : This is known as resolution.

The nutritive elements act on each other in a stimulating or antagonistic way : This is known as interaction.

For example: Potassium has a stimulating effect on magnesium and iron. Phosphorus and calcium are antagonistic.


Fertilizer added directly to the soil solution is assimilated by the plants root hairs. When the water stimulates these root hairs, the dissolved mineral salts are assimilated and delivered to the main body of the plant. All elements do not play the same or equal role in the plants nutritional needs, however, if there is not enough of an element, then the plant cannot develop properly.

Algoplus is balanced in such a way as to allow a perfect interaction between all of these nutritive elements. The plant can assimilate what it needs for growth more efficiently and more quickly.



Algoplus fertilizers are Easily Assimilated.

To enable the utmost effective assimilation, the fertilizer solution must have a pH and conductivity well-adapted to the plant and a perfect balance between the 3 forms of nitrogen.


The pH (soil acidity)

The pH (soil acidity): The pH varies according to the quality of the fertilizer.
A fertilizer must assure an optimal balance in the pH value in order to enhance plant growth. The pH of the soil must be between 5.6 - 6.3 for most plants (newtrophileses) and between 4.5 - 5.5 for acid loving plants (acidophileses). Some basic fertilizers raise the pH level to 6.5 - 7.0 and all of the non assimilated elements remain in the soil solution. This causes a rise in the soil conductivity creating the risk of a term called blocking, and the plant growth is stopped.

Algoplus fertilizers supply a balanced form of natural mineral salts needed by the plants, without changing the conductivity of the soil.

Conductivity (EC) : level of salt in the soil solution (generally between 0.8 and 1mS)
If the soil solution contains more mineral salts than the plant, which can occur naturally or from over fertilization, then the plants water will be attracted into the soil and the plant dries up. This phenomenon is referred to as Reverse Osmotic-Pressure. When the plant contains more mineral salts than the soil solution, the plant gains the nutrients needed for growth.


Nitrogen - Key of fertilization

Only 1 to 2% of organic nitrogen is transformed into the type of nitrogen available for the plant (mineralization). Only nitric and ammoniacal nitrogen provide the nitrogen nutrition needed by plants.


Nitrogen exists in three forms: Ammoniacal, Nitric and Urea.
Nitrogen is the pivot element in fertilization. Plants are able to absorb nitrogen in its organic form by a complex system of natural bacterial organisms present in the soil. However, only 1-2% of organic nitrogen is transformed into the type of nitrogen needed for plant growth. This is called mineralization. Under normal conditions, there is not enough nitrogen in the soil to sustain good plant growth and leads to withering.

Algoplus essentially supplies the forms of nitrogen needed for rapid plant assimilation, Nitric (fast assimilating) and ammoniacal (slow assimilating) while maintaining an ideal pH for the plant of the specific formulation.



Algoplus fertilizer are Simple to Use.

There's no complicated mixing formulas with Algoplus Liquid Fertilizers.

Our simple to use liquid fertilizers are great for every type of gardening. From small flower gardens, to lawns and even commercial farmers can use Algoplus liquid fertilizers to simplify your fertilizing regime.

Just a capful of your favorite Algoplus to a gallon of water... Simple! No more blue stains on your hands or floor either!

For broad outdoor applications, use our convenient Hose End Sprayer. Safe for use at every watering. One liter bottle for regular feeding makes up to 118 gallons of plant food!


This means EASIER gardening and bigger, better yields with Algoplus!



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