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5 Fun Tomato Varieties for Your Summer Garden

One of my favorite parts of the gardening process is choosing which varieties of tomatoes to grow. This year, I settled on four Better Boys and one San Marzano, and I’m so excited to see what kind of yield I get.

When searching for the perfect tomato for your garden, the widest selection will be found in seeds rather than starter plants. However, there are so many different varieties available that it can be a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for something a little different than the standard garden store variety, check out one of the fabulous tomatoes below.



Green Zebra

Color: Yellow/gold with dark green stripes; lime-emerald flesh
Taste: Sweet and tangy
Type: Indeterminate, Open Pollinated

Tom Wagner of Everett, Washington developed Green Zebra using four heirloom tomatoes, including Evergreen, a medium-size green tomato. Since the tomato was introduced in 1983, its history is not yet long enough to be considered heirloom. This tasty and unusual tomato brightens up salads and other dishes.

Jet Star

Color: Red, inside and out
Taste: Sweet
Type: Indeterminate, Hybrid

The Jet Star is a favorite for home gardeners. It’s disease-resistant, easy to grow, and overwhelmingly prolific whether grown on the ground, staked, or caged. Furthermore, these tomatoes produce in a wide variety of climates. They are both heat and cold tolerant.

Mortgage Lifter

Color: Deep pink
Taste: Sweet, rich
Type: Indeterminate, Heirloom

In spite of no formal education or plant breeding experience, M.C. Byles, developed the Mortgage Lifter from four of the largest tomato varieties available in the country at the time. He was able to sell his remarkable tomato plants at a high price, using the profits to pay off his mortgage. For that reason, the tomato became known as “Mortgage Lifter.”


Color: Red streaked exterior; yellow interior with red marbling
Taste: Sweet, tangy, touch of citrus
Type: Indeterminate, Heirloom

The Pineapple tomato is known for its excellent flavor — particularly among bi-color tomatoes. It’s generally not grown for commercial sale, as the ribbing on the outside makes it difficult to cut to a uniform size. Unfortunately, thin skin makes this tomato susceptible to cracking in wet weather.

San Marzano

Color: Bright Red
Taste: Sweet, mild
Type: Indeterminate, Varieties vary; heirloom, hybrid, open pollination

San Marzano Tomatoes are a popular plum tomato variety amongst canners, thanks to the ease in which they peel. These tomatoes are thinner and pointier than Romas and have thicker flesh, fewer seeds, and a taste that’s stronger, and more sweet.



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