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Fun Plants for Kids

Growing plants with kids is a fun way for children to learn about where their food comes from and stimulate even a baby's senses. Planting fast growing plants from seed like flowers, strawberries and carrots or even using vegetables that re-grow themselves such as romaine lettuce, garlic, and celery are great choices. Read more to find our top kid choices...

Gardening instills a sense of learning and responsibility and it's so much fun! The key to boosting excitement and preventing loss of interest for kids is choosing plants that are fast & easy to grow.


Need help starting from seed? We have a blog for that here.


Flowers, such as sunflowers (added bonus with sunflower- kids love a HUGE they get!), can be started in small pots and sprouts can grow on their window sills. They will love the changes they see almost daily with the right choices! When the plants get large enough and are ready for transplant, the kids can help transfer to the garden or container. You can also make a nice gift with your flowers, and the kids will beam with pride!

Top Flower picks:

Sunflower* - also check out dwarf varieties!

Marigold - Companion plant with tomatoes!



California Poppy



Black Eyed Susan*


* Attracts butterflies and humming birds!

Vegetables & Fruits

You and the kids will not only enjoy growing your organic garden, but also eating it too! Kids who grow it, are much more likely to enjoy eating it. Just by adding your own garden's organic vegetables and fruits to your child's diet will improve their nutrition, decrease obesity risk, improve their digestion and increase their school performance and sleep. Hook your kids on vegetable & fruit gardening with can't-fail varieties that are fun and easy to plant and harvest with several to choose from:

Tomatoes (especially cherry tomatoes!)
Squash and Zucchini
Snap Peas
Berries including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries

Some vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage and radish are available in several colors that add extra interest for kids!


Fun Plants for Kids

Getting kids in the garden this day in age can be a challenge. Start be piquing their instrest with some of the super fun plants. A few of the plants listed below take a little longer to start producing, but they totally make up for in fun!
Venus Fly Trap
Sensitive Plant
Herbs such as 'Chocolate Peppermint" mint and dill
Pumpkins & Gourds
Lambs ear
Bunny Tails
Snap Dragons
Ground Cherry

Watch plants miraculously re-grow themselves!
Celery, Romaine Lettuce, garlic, carrot greens, basil, scallions, bok choy, onions, ginger, and mushrooms.
Safety Tip! Be sure there are no sharp tools, fertilizers, pesticides or manure within reach of children at any time.

Beneficial Insects

Danger lurks in a backyard garden... Insect pests are preying on your vegetables and flowers. What do you do? Assemble the troops! Most kids enjoy the sight of beneficial bugs in a garden, especially if they know they're special garden plants are being defended! Introducing these bugs to the garden will help you create a biologically balanced garden (teachable moment alert!) and get rid of those pesky critters without the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Lady Bugs
Beneficial Nematodes (kids can't see these microscopic bugs, but will definitely enjoy the results of their presence)
Praying mantis
Green Lacewing

Begin making memories with your kids this growing season.

We hope you have fun in your garden with the special children your lives with our list of flower, vegetable, fruit and fun plants to grow with kids!

Once your seedlings have their second set of leaves, or "true leaves," or immediately after transplanting plants, use Algoplus garden fertilizers to supply plant nutrients to produce a strong, healthy garden.  We have a variety of fertilizers available in our online store.