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Algoplus Garden Blog

Make Super Absorbent Potting Soil!

SoilMoist™ reduces your plant watering by 50%, reduces transplant shock and soil compaction and is effective in the soil up to 5 years! It is an effective water management aid that is ideal for all interior and exterior plantings such as for trees, shrubs, containers, baskets, flower beds, vegetables and turf. This organic blend is formulated from six species of a beneficial microbial blend of rhizosphere bacteria, humic acid, sea kelp extract, dextrose and yeast extracts to improve soil structure, fertility and plant growth!

Stores over 200x its Weight in Water!

Reduces Plant Watering by 50%

Releases a Steady Supply of Water as your Plants Need It!

Non-toxic, Safe and Economical to Use!

Increases Organic Content in the Soil!

SoilMoist Instructions


1. Gather your supplies

1 large bowl

2 tsp Soil Moist Organic Blend

2 tsp ALGOplus Fertilizer

1 gallon water

All Purpose potting soil

Water can (bucket or jug)

Pre-mix ALGOplus fertilizer

2. Pre-mix 2 tsp. ALGOplus liquid fertilizer in 1 gallon of water.


3. In the large bowl, add 2 tsp. SoilMoist and 1 cup of the fertilizer mixture.

Stir gently until all of the water is absorbed and it becomes a gel.

4. Add two more cups of the fertilizer mixture to the gel.

Just as before, stir gently until all of the water is absorbed.

5. Mix in about 6 cups of soil to the crystal gel

Work together until they are thoroughly mixed.

6. Now you have a super absorbant potting soil that is light and fluffy!

Now just plant as usual!


Super Absorbant container soil


Use this soil for any container plants or work it into your home garden soil.
Happy gardening!